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Alloy Interview with Chris Hemsworth

Hey, Trekkies! We’ve got a special treat for you. We sat down and talked to THE Captain Kirk (Sr.), Chris Hemsworth, for all the nerdy behind the scenes secrets of Star Trek. The Aussie told us all about being on set, playing a legendary character and his past soap opera life he left behind. Get more details on Chris now!

Were you a fan of Star Trek before you were cast in the film?
No not really. It was something I knew about and appreciated because it’s been around for so long. You kind of see it whether or not you’re an avid fan. I think it’s such a great idea to take a fresh look but still pay homage to the original stuff but open it up to a wider audience.

How did you prepare for the role of Captain Kirk?
Like I do with any films I’ve worked on here, I look at the truth of what I’m saying regardless of whether I’m in space or I’m on earth. What my character’s saying and what is he going through, the emotions he’s going through. And then just go through with [J.J. Abrams] the different ideas we might have and approach him and I practiced my American accent with my dialect coach and off we go.

What was it like having someone older than you play your son?
It was weird! We get mistaken for each other quite often. I walk on set and people are saying hello to me and we haven’t actually met. They realize I wasn’t the Chris they thought. I was shooting a film in Puerto Rico one time and I had people come up to me and said, “Were you in Smokin’ Aces?” I was like, “No I wasn’t. Chris Pine was!”

What were you expecting the set to look like?
I knew it would be pretty special and seeing it was just mind blowing. I had a few moments of, “Wow, I’m sitting on a space ship. What’s my life become?” It was pretty cool.

What was your favorite part of the set?
Well I was on the bridge the whole time and sitting on the captain’s chair was pretty exciting. We were asked to busy ourselves with controls and look like we were doing something. It wasn’t hard to do, there were many buttons and things to press, spin and turn.

Do you have any funny behind the scene stories?
[J.J. Abrams] was sort of whispering my name on the loud speaker at times and not having any idea where it was coming from [was funny]. He was on his microphone laughing. There was beat boxing one time. He keeps it light. There’s so much involved yet he manages to still have fun.

Did you have any crazy Trekkie fan encounters while you were filming?
No, we didn’t because we had to wear big black tarps to and from set. [They] transported us around covered up so people couldn’t see us inside. A lot of secrecy. People didn’t know who I was.

Are you prepared for the fan reactions once everyone’s seen the movie?
I don’t know really what to expect! But it’s gonna be a positive experience.

You were on Home and Away. Do you ever miss being on a soap opera?
I miss all the people and it was such a great work environment and I learned so much from that show. We used to shoot 20 things a day sometimes, 5 days a week and now working on film and shooting maybe one scene a day is a much more enjoyable life. I miss the people, but not too much the pace of which we work.

You were also on Dancing with the Stars. Would you do it again?
I’d never do it again. It was a fun experience at that time in my life but day one when I was in the dance rehearsal I realized I couldn’t dance. I thought I could but then that wasn’t the case. It was a fun time but I wouldn’t do it again.

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