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Hemsworth, Connor Cruise star in remake

Former Home and Away star Isabel Lucas will be reunited with her one-time love interest Chris Hemsworth after signing up to play a Wolverine in the remake of 1984 US war film Red Dawn.

The pair dated on and off the Summer Bay set until they broke up in June 2006 and both have since forged solid careers after moving to Hollywood.

The 24-year-old Lucas got her big break in Transformers: The Revenge of the Fallen, while Hemsworth’s effort as Captain Kirk’s dad in the latest Star Trek movie was solid enough for him to land the coveted role of the world’s most famous Thunder God in the big screen version of Thor.

In Red Dawn, Hemsworth leads the Wolverines, a group of teenagers that take the name of the local football team and form an insurgency when their town is invaded by Chinese and Russian soldiers.

Lucas is Erica, head cheerleader and girlfriend of one of the Wolverines who hopes to spring her from an internment camp.

Lea Thompson played Lucas’s character in the original movie, while Hemsworth fills the shoes left by Patrick Swayze.

Also joining the cast is Tom Cruise’s son Connor, playing mayor’s son Daryl, who’s the best friend of tech geek Wolverine Robert (Josh Hutcherson in the role originated by C. Thomas Howell).

Cruise made his feature debut in December as the young Will Smith character in Seven Pounds.

The young cast heads off in a few weeks for military training in an undisclosed location.

Shooting will then begin in Detroit for a September, 2010 release.

Red Dawn will be directed by debutant Dan Bradley, who’s main game until now has been stuntwork, so Lucas and Hemsworth can expect a solid workout.

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