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Roadside Attractions Gets Their Hands on some ‘Cash’

There hasn’t been much build up in the movie news and blog world regarding the upcoming release of the action/thriller Cash, which is being directed by Stephen Milburn Anderson (South Central). It’s really a shame though, because it stars one of the hot young up-and-coming Hollywood actors, Chris Hemsworth (Red Dawn, Thor) and the solid veteran actor Sean Bean (Flightplan, Lord of the Rings).

After having a good showing and building up a decent amount of steam at last year’s American Film Market, the film Cash has been floating around, working on a distribution deal. The news now is that Three Good Men, the studio behind Cash, has struck a deal with Roadside Attractions for a theatrical release on March 26th, 2010 and Lionsgate will handle the DVD release. That’s good news for fans of both Bean and Hemsworth.

Roadside Attractions is known for bringing mostly independent films to a wider audience and they usually don’t invest their time, effort and money unless the film has promise, which can only mean good things for audiences eagerly awaiting Cash. Roadside is responsible to bringing us films like Super Size Me, Fido (which has our very own Vic Holtreman quoted on the DVD cover), Amazing Grace, The Cove and most recently they picked up Winter’s Bone from Sundance. A blockbuster line up? No, but it is a solid offering and each film mentioned has gained critical acclaim in its individual genre.

To help build up anticipation and promote Cash, the studio is running a “Demand It” contest, sort of like what was done with Paranormal Activity, only with a cash prize. All you have to do is go to the Eventful page HERE and then “demand” to have Cash shown at a theater in your town. The accompanying contest is pretty decent as well: the top five cities in voting round will receive a free screening and 1 person in each of the top five cities will receive $,2500. The top city in votes will also have a cast member stop by to attend the screening. Not a bad deal, huh?

Cash was written and directed by Stephen Milburn Anderson and follows the story of Sam (Chris Hemsworth) and Leslie (Victoria Profea) Phelan. After the cash-strapped couple stumble upon a large sum of money and decide to keep it, many things start going wrong in their life — including the being introduced to Pyke Kubic (Sean Bean) who is there to collect the money for his twin brother, Reese.

Roadside Attractions Co-President said in a statement:

“Cash is a great ride, and is timely as well. It’s about an ordinary couple, faced with foreclosure on their house, who kind of go crazy trying to keep a bunch of money that could change their lives.”

Timely indeed. In this time of recession, foreclosure and job loss a huge sum money would sure help a lot of people out. If the economic times were different, would people react differently to finding a large sum of money, returning it instead of keeping it? It’s an interesting thought and I’m excited to see what Cash has to offer.

Cash, which was produced and financed by Naveen Chathappuram of Immortal Thoughts with Prema Thekkek acting as Executive Producer should not be confused with the a low-budget film of the same name.

Source (click to read the full article and watch podcasts with Chris and Sean)

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