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Chris Hemsworth Describes His ‘Impressive’ Costume For ‘Thor’

Filming for “Thor” is still underway, but star Chris Hemsworth offered up some hints about the look he’ll be sporting when he brings Marvel’s god of thunder to the big screen in May 2011.

“It’s a pretty impressive costume, and I think anyone who put it on would look pretty cool,” Hemsworth told MTV News on last night’s red carpet for “The Last Song.” Hemsworth’s brother, Liam, plays a featured role in the film.

“I have nice, long, blond wig which they throw on every day,” he said.

According to the actor, “semi-blond eyebrows and beard” are some of the natural elements of the visual effect sought after by director Kenneth Branagh for the character’s debut. Previously, Hemsworth’s “Red Dawn” castmate Josh Hutcherson said the actor is becoming “a beast” for the role, bulking up to wield the hero’s mighty hammer, Mjolnir.

However, before he could hold the iconic hammer, Hemsworth said he first had to learn how to pronounce its name.

“There’s many different versions of pronouncing that thing,” he laughed. “The rehearsal process was mainly about how do we pronounce that word.”

“Thor” tells the story of a powerful Norse god cast down to Earth from Asgard after he reignites an ancient war. He learns how to be a true hero when the world is threatened by dark forces from his home.

While Hemsworth indicated that “Thor” is almost through filming at the moment, it won’t be long until he suits up as the character again for 2012’s superhero team-up film “The Avengers.” Unlike this time, though, he’ll be sharing the screen with fellow Marvel superhero actors Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury), and recently cast “Captain America” star Chris Evans.


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