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On the Top-Secret Set of the Mighty New ‘Thor’

Marvel’s ‘Thor’ is coming to the big screen next summer, and ET’s own Kevin Frazier is exclusively with the hammer-wielding Norse god himself, Chris Hemsworth, on the top-secret Santa Fe, NM set of the highly anticipated superhero flick!

In theaters May 6, 2011, ‘Thor’ finds the arrogant Norse warrior forced to live among humans as punishment after reigniting an ancient war in his world. His true mettle is put to the test when a villainous foe sends dark forces from the realm of Asgard to invade Earth. Brit actor Tom Hiddleston plays the villain Loki, Anthony Hopkins is Thor’s father, King Odin, while Natalie Portman plays Thor’s love interest in the Kenneth Branagh-directed movie.

“Thor starts out as a pretty brash, cocky kind of character,” explains Chris of the god of thunder. “Odin’s become older and wiser [and] he realizes that there’s a better way of doing things, and so that’s also the challenge for him in trying to discipline Thor for the actions he’s taking. … [He] sends Thor away to get some humility.”

Of course, the 26-year-old Aussie star had to bulk up over the course of six months for the role, and he says it wasn’t easy since he was already hard at work on another movie.

“I was … doing 15-, 16-hour days and then trying to get in the gym, and then trying to eat the quantity of food I had to eat to put on the weight was a draining period,” he says. “I’d have a bunch of eggs and chicken and whatever for breakfast, and then a couple of hours later I’d have a sandwich, and then lunchtime, you know, chicken, vegetables and brown rice, and at dinnertime, you know, similar things and steak and whatever — just a lot of clean proteins and protein shakes and all that.”

And Chris reveals that he actually went up against his brother, Liam Hemsworth (Miley Cyrus’ ‘Last Song’ co-star), for the role.

“I had my fingers crossed for him and then I got a phone call,” says Chris. “It was funny, you know, we both came all the way over here from Australia and ended up battling against each other.”


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