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‘Thor’ Star Chris Hemsworth Felt ‘Naked’ Without His Hammer

They say that the clothes make the man, but in playing Thor, the clothes aren’t enough for actor Chris Hemsworth. He also needs a hammer.

Hemsworth stars in the title role of director Kenneth Branagh’s “Thor,” the upcoming adaptation of the thunder-cracking Marvel Comics character. Naturally, every superhero features an iconic accessory — Captain America has his star-spangled shield, for instance, while Iron Man has his sophisticated suits of high-tech armor — and in Thor’s case, he’s got the mighty hammer Mjolnir at his disposal.

“There’s a few different versions [of the hammer] for the shots — the close-ups, the stunt one,” Hemsworth told MTV News during San Diego Comic-Con of his character’s weapon of choice. “But the main one was a very heavy, beautifully polished, metal, wood-looking thing. It was an incredible thing.”

At a certain point in “Thor,” the God of Thunder finds himself cast down to Earth without the mighty Mjolnir in his possession. “You feel naked without it when you’re not holding it for a while,” said Hemsworth. “The transition of coming to work as Thor minus his powers and costume was very much kind of a fish out of water. It probably helped for the story because he’s meant to feel that way.”

But Thor’s hammer isn’t the character’s only superhero component. With armored sleeves, a winged helmet and a flowing red cape to consider, Thor’s uniform rivals many other superheroes in terms of its iconic status.

“I put the costume on the first time for the camera test, and Anthony Hopkins was there with me, and we looked each other and said, ‘There’s no acting required here, is there?’ It sells the picture,” Hemsworth said of the costume. “You can’t feel like anything but that character when you put that thing on. It was incredible. It was a very iconic sort of moment for myself putting it on, but a lot of people who had been involved in the comic book stories for years just went, ‘Wow, this is it.’ It was like Christmastime, like a little kid.”


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