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‘Thor’ Star Chris Hemsworth Is ‘Beautiful’ As God Of Thunder, Says Former Co-Star

With all the manly talk surrounding “Thor” star Chris Hemsworth, there’s enough testosterone in the collective conversation to fuel the spontaneous growth of a few new chest hairs.

All this is well and good of course, but Hemsworth’s “Home and Away” co-star/fellow Aussie Sharni Vinson recently took a moment to express a little girlish enthusiasm for the lesser-discussed ‘Thor’ conversation topics and namely Hemsworth himself and her reaction to him being cast as the God of Thunder.

“Are you kidding me? I saw the trailer the other day, Chris Hemsworth is doing our country so proud right now,” Vinson told MTV at the premiere of her film, “Step-Up 3D.” “He’s doing me so proud right now, he’s doing ‘Home and Away,’ so proud, and he couldn’t look or be any more fabulous. I love that guy.”

And why is Hemsworth perfectly cast in the role?

“Look at him. Have you seen that man? He’s beautiful,” Vinson stated bluntly.

“And he’s just such a great guy to work with, he’s so professional and he’s such a good actor and he’s so committed,” she added. “He’s going to give that role his soul and that will all come across.”

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