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Chris Hemsworth Talks Thor

Chris Hemsworth, who will play the title role in next year’s Thor film, recently spoke to Marvel about living up to expectations, what Thor goes through in this film, and more.

On Thor and his fan base: “There’s a lot of pressure with something that existed for so many years before you were involved and already has a fan base, but you don’t let that affect the way you approach the film…I approached it by doing it as well as I can. Whether it’s a small film, or something like this, it’s very exciting and daunting.”

On Thor’s journey in the film: “He learns some humility. He starts out as a brash, cocky, young warrior and she certainly influences him in a different direction and gives him a different angle to look at life from.”

On finding inspiration for the character: “[Director Kenneth Branagh] got me Siddhartha, a Hermann Hesse book, about a man trying to find his place in life. It’s about a person who goes through all these temptations. Thor, in effect, is different from Siddhartha, but it’s a human being trying to find out his purpose and how he’s going to go about his life. Ken said, ‘Look, this is just a bright book that I love. It might give you something for the film or just personally.’ I love it, it’s certainly one of my favorite books.”

On getting in shape for the role: “It was a lot of protein shakes, chicken breasts, a lot of calories, food and working out. I’ve tried to get as much rest as I can, that’s the other third of the equation. I put on about 20 pounds, and then lost a lot of it since shooting, because I wasn’t eating that amount.”

On Thor’s iconic hammer: “It’s a rather impractical weapon in a sense. It’s got this big huge head on it and a tiny little handle. We talked about boxing a lot actually, I’ve done Muay Thai for years, which keeps you on your toes, but boxing is a more grounded technique. You talk about Mike Tyson, low to the ground, using your power through your legs. A lot of that influenced Thor, with big shoulder movements. It becomes sort of gritty, street fighting stuff at times. He also happens to have a big hammer in his hands at the time too.”


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