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Chris Hemsworth ‘Can’t Wait’ To See Final Cut Of ‘Thor’

“Thor” is hitting theaters in just a few months, and star Chris Hemsworth is as eager to see a final cut of the film as the rest of us.

When MTV News tracked down the actor at the Sundance Film Festival, Hemsworth offered a brief update of sorts on the film that casts him as Marvel’s god of thunder.

“I haven’t [seen the final cut],” Hemsworth told MTV News. “They’re very excited to show us the final cut of it all.”

The actor said he’s moving on to “Avengers” filming next, but he’s eager to see how all the pieces of “Thor” that he has seen will look when they come together on the big screen.

“I can’t wait,” he said. “I’ve seen little bits and pieces through the process, and little grabs. It looks amazing. I saw some special effects stuff the other day that looks mind-blowing.”


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