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‘Thor’ Collectible Figure Reveals Chris Hemsworth’s Full Costume

It’s becoming something of a pattern with these comic book / cartoon movies to have the full costumes and looks of the superheroes and/or villains revealed by by their toy (sorry, “collectible figure”) counterparts, rather than actual footage from the movies.

The trend continues today with Marvel’s Thor: Sideshow Collectibles has unveiled a very gorgeous and detailed figurine modeled after actor Chris Hemsworth, who will play Thor in the upcoming film from Marvel Studios and director Kenneth Branagh.

Best yet, around the time Thor hits movie theaters you’ll be able to win this 12″ collectible figure right here on Screen Rant!

Up until now, the Thor trailer, movie images and posters have all given us peeks at what Chris Hemsworth will look like as the god of thunder, but in reality those peeks have either been too fleeting, shadowy, or fractional (showing off mainly the top half of Hemsworth’s costume). This collectible figure is by far the best lit, fully detailed, and full-bodied look we’ve gotten at the character that we’ll meet in the movie. It’s also a pretty sweet collectible to add your…um, collection.


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