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Chris Discusses “Thor” Without Revealing Anything

Unlike some actors, Chris Hemsworth has been frustratingly good at not revealing any “scoops” or spoilers about his upcoming title role in Marvel’s adaptation of Thor. As evidence, earlier this month, Hemsworth described his impression of the movie to MTV after watching a recent screening.

While Hemsworth has been good about not spoiling the movie, he has revealed that he tried to steal Thor’s hammer from the set and that the movie version will stay “true” to the comics, as well as describing the influence boxer Mike Tyson had on his performance.

Hemsworth’s ability to speak spoiler-free was put to the test while attending the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2). Hemsworth told IGN that he was “very happy” with the finished movie.

“I have [seen Thor], yeah. It’s fantastic. Being that close to something, it’s often pretty hard to watch yourself, but the film in so many ways is so impressive that I was swept along with it like an audience member, and that’s a pretty good sign.

“The film is so well put together. It’s a blend of fantasy and sci-fi… I was swept along like an audience member and able to enjoy it like an audience member. Very happy with finished film.”

“Thor” hits theatres May 6th.


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