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Official “Thor” Soundtrack Listing

“Thor” original soundtrack list and character posters are released. Walt Disney Records have announced the soundtrack list for the much-anticipated film, which includes composer Patrick Doyle’s original score. Film Music Reporter claims the album will hit some European countries at the end of April.

“Thor” soundtrack listing:
1. “Chasing The Storm”
2. “Prologue”
3. “Sons of Odin”
4. “A New King”
5. “Ride to Observatory”
6. “To Jotunheim”
7. “Laufey”
8. “Frost Giant Battle”
9. “Banishment”
10. “Crisis in Asgard”
11. “Odin Confesses”
12. “Hammer Found”
13. “Urgent Matter”
14. “The Compound”
15. “Loki’s Lie”
16. “My Bastard Son”
17. “Science and Magic”
18. “The Destroyer”
19. “Forgive Me”
20. “Thor Kills the Destroyer”
21. “Brothers Fight”
22. “Letting Go”
23. “Can You See Jane?”
24. “Earth to Asgard”


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