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Chris Talks About the “Thor” Fans, Costumes and Set Design

Americans get to first see Thor on May 6, but lucky Australians only have to wait till April 21 for the premiere. Maybe that’s why actor Chris Hemsworth spoke with GQ Australia to discuss the Norse-inspired movie.

ComicBookMovie reported on some of Hemsworth’s answers.

“I did Comic-Con and there were 7000 people,” he divulged. “I got a real sense of the fan base that Thor has and the buzz around it. You’re plugging away, you’re auditioning and your fingers are crossed. Then you get the part, sign the contract and start to realise millions of people follow this guy and know more about your character than you do.”

Hemsworth had to learn about “Thor” fast, but he had help getting in character from the great sets.

“We were lucky in that they had actually built most of the sets,” he said. “It’s easier having this big fantasy world around you than if there was just a green screen. It was like being a kid playing dress-ups. You do feel like you are this guy — especially with the costume. The first day I put it on, [Anthony] Hopkins looked at me and looked at both of us, and said, ‘No acting required here.’”

Well aware of how big the “Thor” universe is, the actor said, “It’s existed for 50 years or something and all of a sudden it’s like, ‘Oh [frick], there’s a lot of people waiting here to say that’s right, or that’s wrong.’” And that’s not even counting how old the original stories about Thor are.


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