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Kenneth Branagh Builds Excitement For “Thor”

Director Kenneth Branagh continued to build excitement for his upcoming Marvel superhero movie Thor via an interview with The Los Angeles Times.

While Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgard, lead hero Chris Hemsworth and female lead Natalie Portman all talked about their great experiences working with Branagh, it’s the insights from the 51-year-old Irish filmmaker and actor that generated the most excitement about the first of numerous summer superhero movies to hit theaters.

Branagh told The Los Angeles Times that what sets Thor apart from others is its mix of “antiquity and popcorn movie.”

“Gods amongst men is a well-traveled path in drama and storytelling, and it can yield dramatic, romantic and comic tension,” Branagh said. “We are presented here with this dynastic drama and all of the energy and imagination from the comic books. For us, story is above all and the creation of these two worlds – our earth and Asgard – and presenting a ripping adventure. If you have a strong story or even a great story – I hope and believe that we can reveal that – the special effects and all the rest are layers that add to it.”


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