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It’s Official! Chris is Set to Play The Huntsman!

Universal have finally locked down their fourth and final main character for next year’s Snow White and the Huntsman! Chris Hemsworth, the Australian actor who won us over in Star Trek and headlines Thor, this past week’s number one movie in America, has officially signed on as Kristen Stewart’s Huntsman in Universal’s take on the Snow White classic.

In this adapatation of the Grimm’s Brother tale, Snow White is no damsel in distress. On the run with the Huntsman, Snow White insists that she be taught self defense in order to protect herself without needing a man.

The news that Hemsworth is to take the titular role is a departure from the previous, and more established, names whom Universal had been eyeing – Viggo Mortensen and fellow Aussie Hugh Jackman.

But it’s good news for Universal who at last have their four main characters after up and comer Sam Claflin signed on to play Prince Charmant earlier this month with Charlize Theron attached since the beginning to play the evil step-mother.

Relativity’s own adaptation of the same classic tale The Brothers Grimm: Snow White has been cast for some time now (Lily Collins is to take the role of Snow White here, with Armie Hammer as her Prince and Julia Roberts as the evil step-mother) so we’re excited for these two to finally start filming. (Source)

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