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“Rush” Goes into Pre-Production

In a country where the most successful movie about car racing is satire Talladega Nights, diving into the Formula 1 racing series, virtually non-existent in the eyes of America, with a serious movie about two of its leading men may not be the most well-advised idea. Nonetheless, legendary director Ron Howard is taking that risk along with financiers Cross Creek and Exclusive Media Group, producing alongside an army of others including Howard and Brian Grazer.

Rush will take a look at James Hunt and Niki Lauda, Formula 1’s most well known rivals in the 1970s, as they climb the ranks and eventually find themselves regularly battling for wins on the track. Set to star is Thor himself Chris Hemsworth who we’re going to be seeing quite a bit more of so get used to him, and Daniel Bruhl, a rising star in his own right, spending a lot of his career in German films, but finding an important role in Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds. The pair will play Hunt and Lauda respectively, driving for McLaren and Ferrari.

Howard has just gotten to work filming in the UK and Germany, where the sport is a bit more relevant, focusing on two famous tracks in Silverstone and Nuremberg.

The team of producers at Cross Creek and Exclusive are hard at work trying to land distribution for Rush at the Toronto International Film Festival happening currently in Canada. Nigel Sinclair, Co-Chairman at Exclusive, had this to say about teaming up with Ron Howard:

This is one of the greatest stories set in one of the world’s greatest sports; add Ron Howard’s singular ability to grip you with emotion, drama and thrill, and we are off to a Grand Prix race.

The list of talent working in front of and behind the camera, including writer Peter Morgan (Frost/Nixon) and veteran German actress Alexandra Maria Lara, will undoubtedly produce a great film that will likely spark more interest in the Formula 1 sport than America has seen in a long while. No estimated release date has been announced, but a movie about racing and Chris Hemsworth sounds like summer, so expect this one a little over a year from now. (Source)

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