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“I Felt Comfortable With Chris” Says Co-Star

Kristen Stewart is living an Aussie fairytale on the set of her new film, Snow White and the Huntsman. The 21-year-old, whose mother is an Australian, originally from Queensland, feels very at home with co-star Chris Hemsworth.

“I feel so incredibly comfortable around him. There is a very particular Aussie mentality and he has got it. He epitomises it,” Stewart told The Daily Telegraph.

“He’s really smart and he’s very impassioned, but he’s also really funny and light and kinda loud. His accent is funny. I can’t do it, I’m always trying to mimic him but I cannot do it!”

Snow White and the Huntsmana is a Lord of the Rings-style epic reimagining of the classic fairytale, in which Stewart’s Snow White is a warrior princess on a mission to take down the Evil Queen Ravena (Charlize Theron), with the help of Hemsworth’s Huntsman.

“I have an English accent in the film, that’s much easier for me for some reason. That Australian thing is tough,” Stewart said.

It is currently shooting in England and will be released in June 2012. (Source)

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