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Fran Kranz Wants to Be Killed By Thor

Although, Cabin in the Woods isn’t based on a comic book, it is nonetheless the film where one of the greatest comic book movie alliances was born: producer Joss Whedon and star Chris Hemsworth, who would, of course, go on from this horror romp to blow the world away with The Avengers.

But there’s another “Cabin” player that could one day rise to superheroic heights: Fran Kranz, already a Whedon veteran from his days on Dollhouse. Ask him which Marvel character he wants to play, and the answer is simple — just a random dude who gets annihilated by Thor.

“I told Joss when he was doing ‘Avengers,’ because I did ‘Cabin In The Woods’ with Chris Hemsworth and I love that guy, I just told him, ‘Can I be in it and just be someone Thor kills?'” Kranz told our Weekly Whedon columnist Tami Katzoff in a recent interview. “‘Like I just want to be killed by Thor, for a day, I’ll be in and out. ‘You don’t have to pay me, no credit, I just want the satisfaction of knowing that I was hit with Thor’s hammer.'”


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