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Glamour’s 50 Sexiest Men for 2012

Robert Pattinson has been voted the World’s Sexiest Man in Glamour magazine’s annual poll. Also making the list? Michael Fassbender, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hardy and Johnny Depp. Take a look below at the top 20 and find out where Chris placed:

1. Robert Pattinson
2. Tom Hiddleston
3. Johnny Depp
4. Michael Fassbender
5. Benedict Cumberbatch
6. Robert Downey Jr
7. Taylor Lautner
8. Paul Wesley
9. James McAvoy
10. Henry Cavill
11. Cory Monteith
12. Ian Somerhalder
13. Ed Westwick
14. Alexander Skarsgard
15. Joe Manganiello
16. Danny O’Donoghue
17. Ryan Gosling
18. Christian Bale
19. Chris Hemsworth
20. Tom Hardy

View the complete list:


  1. In what universe is Robert Pattison sexy? Half of the men who are on the list aren’t even half as sexy as Chris, and Chris needs to be up higher either above Robert Downey or below him.


  2. Chris is much better looking than a lot of these people
    Should Be:
    2.Christian Bale
    3.Robert Downey Jr.
    4.Michael Fassbender
    5.Robert Pattison

  3. Chris is by far the most georgous guy out there beating all these guys out. also has a body that puts the others to shame they are all to skinny, plus boy can this guy act,and has the most beautiful eyes. He beats them all ………………

  4. I’m sorry, who made this list at Glamour? The top 3… I think someone is blind. Pattinson, not hott, Loki? NOT HOT, and I’m sorry, but Johnny Depp is attractive for his age, but belongs no where above the top 10 on this list. How people like Alexander Skarsguard, Chris Hemsworth and Ryan Gosling make the bottom of the list behind Pattinson, Loki and Depp is psychotic. Someone at Glamour should be taken out back and beaten for this.

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