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Marvel Debuts New “Thor 2” Scene at D23 Expo

For those of you (like myself) not attended the D23Expo, Entertainment Weekly posted a recap of Marvel’s new scene from Thor 2: The Dark World. Please be aware, the recap contains mild spoilers. For those wishing to remain spoiler free, do not read below:

Natalie Portman is not feeling well.

Those who have followed the footage and trailers released from this November’s sequel know that the Oscar-winner’s Jane Foster is taken by Thor from Earth back to his homeworld of Asgard, but until now we haven’t known exactly why.

According to new scenes showcased by Marvel Studios at Disney’s D23 fan convention, it turns out, she’s infected. A mysterious energy has taken possession of her body, and although her mind remains the same her body is now something more than radioactive.

In new footage previewed at D23, a cluster of jittery, frightened British cops approach a disheveled Jane as she clings to Chris Hemsworth’s Thor. “Step back, shes dangerous!” one cop shouts.

“So am I,” Thor replies, triggering an energy beam that takes her back to his celestial realm.

There we see Foster laid out on a glowing table while medieval looking doctors operating futuristic, holographic scanning devices examine her. “Is that a quantum field generator?” Foster asks.

The doctor says it is not.

“Does it transfer molecular energy from one place to another?” Foster, the astrophysicist, asks her examiner, who nods. She smiles to Thor. “It’s a quantum field generator.”

Anthony Hopkins’ one-eyed ruler Odin enters the room, furious that his son brought the human to their kingdom. “She does not belong here in Asgard any more than a goat belongs at banquet table,” he shouts.

Portman, of course, disputes the notion that she is a goat.

Odin replies that he knows who she is. “Jane Foster.”

Portman beams. “You told your dad about me!?”

But there’s no levity from Thor. “Something is in her, father, something I have not seen before.”

Odin is unmoved. He suggests dispatching her back to Earth so human doctors to deal with the problem. But as guards seize her, a blast emanates from her skin and throws them across the room.

What exactly is infecting Jane? We don’t know. Count on it being the fault of the main villain Christopher Eccleston’s Malekith the Accursed, who is scheming to tear apart the fabric of reality.

Portman, Hopkins and Tom Hiddleston (who returns as Loki) appeared at D23 to show off the footage. Hemsworth was absent.

Hiddleston, who appeared at Comic-Con in a much-heralded appearance in-character the sinister Loki, told the audience: “I didn’t bring the costume, but I did bring some friends of mine.”

Portman and Hopkins then emerged to take a bow, with a standing O for Odin from the thousands of attendees.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige told Portman: “In the first movie, Thor came down to Earth, and he was a fish out of water. In this new one, you’re the fish out of water.”

“Yeah, I’m the one walking around in sweatpants,” she said.

Asked how he felt about her venturing to his homeworld, Hopkins joked: “I didn’t check her passport.”

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