Thor: The Dark World (2013)

When Thor’s love interest gets cursed with a powerful object, Thor must protect it before an army and its ruthless leader, Malekith, try to get their hands on it to take over the remains of Earth. Devising a plan with his brother – the war criminal Loki, Thor heads to “The Dark World” to destroy the Aether and save Asgard. But can Loki be trusted?

Chris As: Thor
Additional Cast: Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Hopkins, Rene Russo, Christopher Eccleston
Directed By: Alan Taylor
Written By: Christopher Yost, Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely
Release Date: November 8, 2013
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Runtime: 112 mins.
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Official Site:‎
Additional Info: Internet Movie Database

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Facts and Trivia

– Loki was originally not going to appear at all, and there was going to be a much greater focus on Malekith and the Dark Elves. Following his popularity in The Avengers, the script was rewritten to give him a bigger role.

– Chris Hemsworth improvised hanging the hammer (Mjolnir) on a coat hook in a polite manner, after playing with it between takes.

– Thor accidentally destroys a statue of his grandfather Bor, and Loki wisecracks that he killed him. In the Marvel comics, Thor actually ended up killing his grandfather as part of a deception by Loki.

– Because of the height difference between the two actors a box, and later a ramp, had to be used in some of the close-up and kissing scenes between Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth.

– This is the first Marvel Cinematic Universe film to not be set in the United States.

– The Captain America March can be heard when Loki disguises himself as Captain America as he and Thor are planning their escape from Asgard.

Goofs and Errors

Continuity: Loki’s footwear in his prison chamber switches from moccasin-like slippers to boots.

Continuity: When Heimdall comes to meet Thor in the canteen, there is a candlestick with a lit candle on the table on Thor’s left. As the conversation proceeds, it disappears from the table.

Continuity:Jane stands back on Thor’s left in the Dark Elves’ flying machine. When it flies off and leaves the palace, she completely disappears from view. When she falls to the floor later, she has reappeared in the front of the machine to Thor’s right.

Errors in Geography: Thor is shown boarding the London Underground at Charing Cross station, asking a commuter if it is the correct train in order to get to Greenwich. She responds that it is. The nearest station to Greenwich, North Greenwich, is on the Jubilee Line, meaning that Thor would have to make at least one change of train in order to get to his destination. No London Underground trains go directly from Charing Cross to Greenwich.

Plot Holes: Despite being labelled by Odin as one of the most powerful artifacts in the universe, the Aether is seemingly unable to do any form of damage against Thor during the final fight against Malekith.

Plot Holes: Thor’s hammer, is the heaviest object in the universe but yet it can rest on a coat rack without breaking the coat rack.

Movie Quotes

Loki: [turns Thor into Sif] “Mmm, brother, you look ravishing!”
Thor: “It will not hurt any less when I kill you in this form.”
Loki: “Very well. Perhaps you prefer one of your new companions, given that you seem to like them so much.”
[turns into Captain America]
Loki: “Oh, this is much better. Costume’s a bit much… so tight. But the confidence, I can feel the righteousness surging. Hey, you wanna have a rousing discussion about truth, honor, patriotism? God bless America…”

Dr. Erik Selvig: “Your brother isn’t coming, is he?”
Thor: “Loki is dead.”
Dr. Erik Selvig: “Thank God… I’m so sorry.”

Loki: “I thought you said you knew how to fly this thing.”
Thor: “I said ‘how hard could it be.'”

Sif: “I’ve got this completely under control!”
Thor: “Is that why everything’s on fire?”

Darcy Lewis: “Look at you. Still all muscly and everything!”
Thor: “…Thank you.”